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Takacat is a young and innovative company based in New Zealand located in the City of Sails, Auckland, NZ. Since 2007, the company has been committed to providing the New Zealand and international markets with a new and exciting line of inflatable catamarans, offering safety, stability and speed as well as versatility and easy handling.

Revolutionary Transom

Tube-Transom Design®

Takacats revolutionary and innovative new open Tube-Transom design® can be simply and fully removed from the inflatable tubes for easy deflated. This enables the Takacat to rolled-up smaller, easier and lighter than traditional inflatable boats, a big advantage for handling, transportation and or storage. Ideal for the caravan, motor home and foldaway tender markets.

Takacat Models

The Takacat LX Series design and craftsmanship is unmatched. Never Settling for inferior quality materials or methods, Takacat are proud to offer a boat that is sure to perform as advertised and last longer than expected.

Takacat stand behind their product with a 100% customer satisfaction level.

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Takacat 260LX

The Tender of Innovation

It’s light in weight, super stable and packed full of features for the tender market. A true inflatable catamaran tender, the Takacat LX 260 stands out from the crowed with it sleek lines and original Takacat innovations. The open bow design offers amazing versatility whether it’s getting in or out of the water when swimming, snorkeling in a safety situation or transferring onto the beach or mother-ship.

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Takacat 300LX

The Flagship Tender

The LX 300 is our flag ship tender + most popular smaller day boat in the Takacat range. This innovative design concept has been proven time and time again over the years with thousands of passionate customers enjoying a truly fun and versatile tender. From bow to stern the Takacat is packed full of innovative features. The open bow provides a functional landing platform at the beach or ramp while also allowing easy re entry from the water if snorkeling, swimming or in a safety situation. At the stern the open + removable tube transom®, offers amazing portability + the added advantage of not being able to hold water on board, a great advantage when being towed or being used in rough or wet conditions

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Takacat 340 LX

The Ultimate Portable Boat

The LX 340 is a firm favourite in the portable boat market. It’s clever hull design makes the Takacat a high performer in any water. The extra waterline length helps provide quick and level planning. It’s large flat deck provides a generous platform for fishing, diving and water enthusiasts. The wide Beam (1.65m), large diameter tubes (0.48m), raised floor and catamaran hull design all come together to create an extremely stable platform. It’s quite amazing that the inflatable tubes roll up to just 23kg and fit into a bag 1.2m x 0.4m x 0.3m. The total weight with floor and transom is 36kg with a load capacity of 515kg. Packed full of original Takacat innovations the LX 340 is in a class of it’s own on the water.

Ready for Family Adventure

Takacat 380 LX

A Family Favorite

The Takacat 380LX has the additional buoyancy and space for added passenger numbers or when you simply want additional space for gear such as dive or sports gear. A longer waterline offers big advantage for planning and performance with these additional loads or when a small outboard is used with a light load on board. With it’s 4 + 1 safety chambers, raised floor and open / removable transom design the 380LX is well suited to a wide variety of uses such as flood rescue, coach and support boats through to the true adventurer.

Available in Wood Camo
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The Takacat Difference

“The Takacat dinghy has performed exceptionally well, and I look forward to using it again this upcoming season. One of many good things about it, is the low drag, so we loose virtually no speed towing it (as opposed to a standard dinghy). “

Andreas B. Heide, sailor and explorer of profession