Graber Happy Cat

Design and Built in Austria

In production since the 1960s, Happy Cat’s innovations are backed by decades of research and insights from recreational and professional sailors alike. The first catamarans were made of wood, but today’s models include parts made of aluminum and rubber, providing a lightweight and optimized sailing experience.

Versatile Uses

Sport, Family, or Adventure

Those who like to travel at high speed can easily attain over 16 knots with suitable wind. The big platform also makes the HAPPY CAT a great family boat or for an impressive adventure journeys. The simple control of the cat also makes it possible to teach children how to sail. Even with bigger waves at the sea there is always enough buoyancy reserve available, even if more than one person sails!

Happycat Models

Grabner, the first maker of inflatable catamaran sailboats, uses a unique hull material that makes it lighter and easier to fold than standard PVC hulls with comparable strength and durability.  They extended this same material to their award winning line of inflatable kayaks as well.  Happy Cat inflatable catamarans use the highest quality materials throughout and a employ great design that makes the boats extremely fun and capable while still keeping them light, portable and easy to assemble.  They also ​feature the most extensive range of options and accessories available of all portable inflatable sailboat manufacturers.

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Happycat Neo


Unbelievably small in the pack-bag yet with so much sailing pleasure to offer: The handy sailing boat for solo sailors is a fast and agile fun catamaran that is ready to use in no time: From your camper van onto the water in just 20 to 30 minutes! The NEO is very light and makes it all the easier: The inflatable catamaran can be easily stowed away; it is spectacular – and light – to sail on one hull and easy to set back upright if it capsizes. Ideal for easy sailing, beginners, young people and up to two people on inland waters: Perfect for all those who appreciate lightness.

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Happycat Evolution


Action please! The EVOLUTION flies at top speeds on just one hull over inland lakes or coastal waters and offers good positioning and stability even in stronger swells and at winds up to force 5 on the Beaufort scale. It is ideal for two sporty sailors but it also packs plenty of fun and space for families with children and luggage. This medium-sized member of the Grabner HAPPY CAT family combines excellent sailing characteristics with speed and fun. This inflatable cat can be stowed away in just 3 bags and is particularly popular with motorhome enthusiasts.

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Happycat Hurricane


It is the fastest, best and most versatile of the Grabner inflatable sports catamarans – and also the largest one! With even larger hulls for more buoyancy and less resistance. With even more place for luggage and equipment. With additional hull struts for stability in strong waves. With speeds of over 16 knots and exceptional sailing characteristics. As good as a hard shell catamaran but can be packed in 3 bags. For regattas, touring and long-distance sailing along the coast and for families with children. Grabner’s top model – with top characteristics!

Experience Hurricane Performance

Happycat Hurricane Carbon

Carbon mast: Light as a feather

The most professional of all HAPPY CATs, is now even more powerful! This version with a high-tech mast made of 100% carbon, weighs 6 kg less and offers attractive advantages: Sensationally light, only 21 kg per bag. Even more stable sailing on one hull through later tipping point. Very easy lifting after capsizing. Even better mainsail profile due to lower bending curve.
WARNING: This catamaran makes sails addictive!

Ready for all wind conditions

A HAPPY CAT guarantees the most sailing fun

Small packing volume, easy to transport, quick to assemble and dismantle, easy to store. Whether on the quarry pond, artificial lake, inland lake or sea – wonderful experiences can be had everywhere and at any time.

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